OXO Pour Over Coffee Maker Review

In the OXO pour over coffee maker review, you will get to know that it is a unique coffee makers due to its design and its features that other coffee makers don’t offer.  

There is an extra part of the dripper that can contain water, and also there is a cap on it. The Tank can provide it water, and the coffee can be self-brewed without you having to do anything at all. 

This is the central aspect of this coffee maker, but you can also self-brew in case you want to change the taste of coffee and bloom the roasts even more.

Do many people ask where to buy oxo coffee Dripper? You can quickly get this unique coffee maker from Amazon or store online without any problem. You need to follow the OXO coffee maker instructions to know how to use it.

What problem OXO pour-over coffee maker will solve if a person buys it

Thanks to the OXO reviews many problems are solved, like in case you are a person who cannot brew the coffee him or herself. Then you can simply put the water inside, and it will slowly rinse through the beams to give you a pour-over coffee at home without any effort.

Secondly, you don’t have to measure the coffee through proper instruments; there is a separate mug at the top with its reading for water measurement.

The jar is very well made for beginners, in case you don’t know how to handle delicate materials, then this one is made of plastic and will automatically handle everything.

Now, we have provided a detailed review below.

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Product Review

Let’s get started with the unique aspect of this coffee maker, which is the water tank that can let you pour the water then close the lid; the maker will handle all the rest of the brewing.

People ask where to buy oxo pour-over coffee maker. You can get this one on Amazon or other online stores without any headache because it is a famous coffee maker that comes with an all-over plastic construction.

There is also a lid on top and a filter place inside, which can be reused. The main thing now falls on how to use oxo, well it is reasonably easy to use because the water mug can handle the hot water and have separate measurements.

You need to pour hot water and close the lid simply; through small holes, the water will pour over the coffee roast, and you will get a beautifully brewed coffee automatically.

The blooming is not right, so in case you can attend for self-blooming, you can also do it by separating the mug on top.

Unlike the other reviews, we will tell you that it has a rubbed construction with a lid that traps the heat inside. It is just for a single cup of coffee, and with that ease in making pour-over coffee.


  • Dimensions: 5x5x5.5 inches
  • Weight: 7.7 ounces
  • Manufacturer: OXO
  • Filter: number 2 cone filter
  • Material: Rubbed plastic with rubber lid
  • Capacity: single cup
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  • Best for beginners
  • Plastic construction for ease in handling.
  • Automatic brewing
  • A separate water holding space with measurements.

  • Not so durable.
  • No good-quality material and expensive.

Things to consider before buying OXO

After the OXO pour-over coffee maker review, it all falls on the buying guide, which will tell you that the OXO might come with extra space for water so that you can easily make the coffee automatically, but there is a catch to it.

The automatic brewing doesn’t bloom the coffee, so in case you want a tasty and robust cup of coffee, you need to separate the mug and then pour the water into your self.

The construction is also done of plastic, which is easy to travel with and is easy to handle for beginners, but with time, it feels too cheap even to use.


The overall construction is done of plastic, which may be suitable for beginners because of handling and portability, but it feels too much cheap. Their overall design is like a mug and has a separate lid on it for automatic brewing through water stored in space.

The Use of OXO

If you want a smooth cup of coffee or joe, then it is the best pour over coffee maker you can place your bet on. There is plastic construction, which is easy to handle and also portable.

There is a mug on top which holds water and has measurement too. Hence, making each step automatic. You can also close the lid in case you want to make some coffee later, and the material is constructed in such a way that the water remains hot. 

How to use OXO

  • Here are the OXO instructions, which will guide you on how to use OXO:
  • Primarily, you need to prepare the filter and the cup you need to place the dripper.
  • Then, open the coffee maker’s cap and add the grinded coffee or ground coffee to the filter place inside.
  • You need to close the cap of the dripper and then wait for the water to fall through the small holes and into the filter containing beans.
  • Then add the amount of water inside the space provided on OXO according to the requirement following the measurement on the mug. 
  • Now, remove the dripper and filter and Enjoy a cup of hot coffee.

Final words

We did the OXO pour over coffee maker reviews because of the unique mug on top that holds the water and makes everything easy for beginner coffee makers. The plastic Dripper will automatically drip the water and present a beautiful coffee, which is not found in other drippers.